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Tiki Tequila

400X Double Shot Ultra Plateau-Busting

Agave Tattoo Enhancing Superbronzer


Embrace pure paradise with this exotic escape. Inspired by beautiful locations with a zest for life, this magical elixir is an intensely dark spell that when cast creates intoxicating waves of golden bronze desire. No gimmicks or tricks, just a jaw-droppingly gorgeous glow that embodies the very meaning of sexy, and tantalizing tattoos that steal the show.


• 400X Double Shot bronzers elevate your tan to addictively dark new levels


• Agave-infused Superbronzing gets darker & darker just when you think you’ve plateaued


• Inktuition™ tattoo-enhancement formula let’s your body art shine brightest


Fragrance: Sugared Coconut Papaya

VOLUME: .75 oz, 7.5oz, 13.5 oz, & 64oz

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